Wednesday, April 13, 2011

B2B social media - Communities in Medical Industry

I have been researching:
  • Should a B2B Medical diagnositics company start a professional community site for a group of users? Within this are questions:
    • ROI of social media, specifically
      • ROI of professional community sites
        • Direct Revenue from site
        • ROI from increased sales as a result
        • Other measures which influence sales
          • Increased Brand image, Trust -> customer retention
          • Increased Trust -> increased customer testimonials
        • Decreased Customer support calls, 
        • Increase in marketing data collection at decreased cost
        • Increase in ability to hold and record conversations with end users
      • ROI of other B2B social media (facebook, twitter)
      • Costs of implementing
        • Community site
        • Other social media program costs
    • Examples 
    • Concerns about regulated industry what can be done

B2B, Medical and Lifesciences diagnostics;  case studies and best practices examples

Compendium on ROI case studes
Community sites: 
presentation on why brand communities? Benefits:

  • Vitabotics ROI from community site 
    • The UK's leading health supplement manufacturer used social media to learn more about the health and beauty needs of their customers.  Created a community site with forums, blogs, beauty experts to answer questions. 13,000 community members, 1000 women apply for product trials which get a 95% completion rate.
      • learn more about customers
      • find customers to test and trial products and get feedback
      • Promote products to target audience
      • Responses from customers feed into new product development

     Jive is used by Cerner (ucern), Netapp, Charles Schwabb
    see book
    The 2020 Workplace - in depth discussion -
    Company Goals, commmunity, transparency, collaboration -"bottom up" culture
    "community gardners" - from corp learn ing who moderate. Internal launch 2009 - point systems. helpful employees get points from participating online which leads to + performance reviews. system is integrated into workflow not separate. 
    Netapp community

    Charles Schwabb
    trading community. "Share ideas, ask questions, and find ways to improve your trading - plus network, socialize, and learn from other Active Trader clients, Schwab and third-party experts. "

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