Sunday, February 7, 2010

Printing to Windows 7 printer from OSX 10.5

Recently upgraded home machine which serves our printers / file shares from XP -> Win 7 Professional - after nasty spyware infection. (That's another story. I would just say - having a boot disk of Ubuntu to restore the registry was great - Since we did not have XP restore console, or restore XP boot disk) However, even after I was able to use kewl tools like  Malwarebytes and Counterspy and  Combofix to remove the vast majority of the crap (Along with a bit of Hijack this, and diligent observation with Process Explorer... Things were stable, but we  still did not trust the resulting system... Plus it was heavily loaded and sagging due to 6 years of built up cruft. Thus the move to Win 7.

Post-upgrade, OS X machine would not print to Win7 direct connet printer, or browse shares on the Win7 box. A few things seemed to help fix this problem.
  • Re-share printer - less than 15 characters in share name, no blanks.
  • Edit Local policies->Security -> Network Security- set: 
    • "Send LM & NTLM -- use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated" and
    • Turn off "require 128 bit encryption"
  • In Win 7 Network sharing center
  • Make sure that OS X has the proper workgroup set in sys prefs -> network -> advanced -> wins
  • Reboot Windows 7

Later I discovered that some had fixed the problem by sharing the printer from windows via lpd.  As obsessive as I am about figuring things out, I did not try this yet.

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