Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I will gladly play you Tuesday

For a Hamburger today.

I wish I had known about Kahn Academy when I was taking Financial Accounting and learning about Present Value and Net Present Value.

The disruptive effects of the internet on Higher Ed have barely been felt yet.

The main disruption of the internet is: Information.  The cost of  publishing and the cost of finding have both dropped dramatically. (Think e-journals vs browsing stacks. - Google vs card catalogs.)

Higher Ed has held a virtual monopoly on the certification of quality knowledge. The institution's value lies in its ability to deem "What knowledge is good, real, useful and new" and "Who knows that stuff." That is why people pay so much for a MBA or PHD.

This knowledge is still mostly handed down in personal interaction, classes, and to grad students (apprenticeships). But Universities will have to compete for students, and be forced to become more efficient as internet-based education continues to get better,cheaper, faster, stronger.

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