Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lettuce in the Dish-rack

Part 1

A friend told me how "cute" and "funny" it is that I dry lettuce in the dish-rack. -- I had never really thought about it before.  It just seems sensible not to purchase one more piece of plastic  crap just to dry lettuce.

I guess I enjoy creative reuse. That elegant  solution that jumps at you when you turn your head sideways. Iron-clad categories drive me crazy. Why let what someone else calls it limit your possibilities? Why can't it be a lettuce-rack?

Part 2

I found the above picture in Google images by searching: dry+lettuce+in+the+dish-rack
It's the only real match. I don't know whether this is comforting or disturbing.  What does it mean when it's easier for me to get a picture of lettuce in a dish-rack from google images than to bother to take one myself?

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