Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interview tips

How to navigate technical questions
nancy amato texas a & m

Erin Chapple, Microsoft
group program manager. data management

  • I don't have alot of time. Want to read quicky. In first page. Who are you . Why would I want to interview you.
  • Gabby Silverman. Research at CA
    • Do you know us, What are you looking for, why do you have the qualification
  • Sue Dragich, Director SW engineering Global communications,
    • Clarity!!!!!
    • Simple looking Easy to get through
    • What are you passionate about. Hook. If you are excited
Nancy Amato Texas A&M
  • Researcher. Publications, but where were they, quality
Concept management
  • Specific results, Saved money, got great grade
Lynn Pastori Enterprise technical services. Data Center
  • What was your role, what did you do
  • Action words
Ellen Spertus, Mills
  • Experience, including in class projects.
Tracey Intuit.
  • Talent development.
Mock interview
technical questions
interviewing the interviewer
behavioral questions

Comments from the panel
Fictitious companyd. 500 people. Software engineer.

Looking for software development.

Good. Used whiteboard.
Talked aloud about her thought process.
You know an answer .
sounded confident as she worked through. s

Could have done better.
Be cautious about saying "NO" or hedge.
Get more information make sure you ask up front.

How do theory and algorithms act with machine.
Interviewee ask questions.

How to prepare for this question. Be a flexible person.

  • Syntactically correct compilable code.
  • Common language. Can you write in a well known language
  • don't think in silence think aloud.
  • you can use pseudo code to map out what you would do
  • Test your code for boundary conditions yourself

Can you think of a time you have had to try a new approach to people.

Customer surveys, drive alongs.

As interview probe for specific situation. Past performance is a good indication of future performance. Quantify success, reflection on past performance and continuous improvement.

How would someone work with a team, how do they speak about teammates.
Do they acknowledge others contributions as well as own contributions. Be upfront about your own contribution.

Did you have difficulty ever working with someone.
More detail of how worked out.

So admit mistakes. What would you do next time to change this.
Be specific. what was the situation. What action did you take. What was the result.
Even if it didn't work, tell people the result. show that you learned.

She mentioned the code change. This is a do-over. Chance to correct that.
This is ok. good to mention. Able to mention mistake.

How much do you want the candidate to know about the company
Core values of the team.
What is the team looking for.

Tell me about the Mentoring program. formal? informal?

Ask Questions

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