Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IT industry: why women leave?

Presenter Sue from Sudo coaching (what a great business name)

50% of women who leave go to non-industry jobs.
30% to non-SET industry jobs
20% stay at home.

39% Extreme job pressure 62 hours a week US, 72 hours India, China
38% Job not woman friendly
27% Compensation

Other ?'s
46% Career stalled
47% lack carere paths,
84% lack sponsors 47% mentors. role models 40% Senior men don't want to pal around with young women.
38% Isolated

Women More Risk averse leads to fewer high profile success.
Less credit if you take a risk. because you don't have a sponsor

More helper roles.
Don't get credit.

Discrimination/Macho culture
66-64% experienced sexual harassment
44-46% perceive bias in performance evaluation
23-27% "believe women are seen as less capable"

What helps?

  • 10% female management
  • Flexible workday and career track timing
  • shock you actually get more work out of people.
  • Career paths, mentoring programs, sponsorship
  • Opportunities for altruism (Athena)
  • On-ramps - have way to take off and come back.
Catalyst study

- workers at tech company
- boomers say "not having a mentor" is important impediment to success

More likely to have barriers if
- work for large company, have MS/PHD
- have fewer women at company

Few differences between women and men

but across the board tech women and tech men, men were happier with supervisor.

51% of men have partner primarily responsible for home and kids (13% women)
62% - 82%

HIgh level women are more likely to have a CS degree - Tech partner - partner responsible for home and kids (24 -13%)

Women managers are being perceived as less technical. how much is this because of bias?
by 50% - 30

Toot tech horn.

  • Find coach, mentor, group combat isolation
  • Find a place with 10% women managers
  • have a career goal
  • build and demonstrate tech skills
  • ask for high-profile & risky assignments "women don't ask"
What can Co do
  • on ramp/off ramp
  • provide training for supervisors

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