Friday, October 2, 2009

Software soul

Mala Devlin (Cisco)
Hong-Chung Tsou (Intuit)

Mina Kaul-Basu
HA solaris cluster - worked in Bangalore 12 years
Manages global teams, Germany, UK.
Remote teams. Globalization is real.
Have teams participate in events locally.

  • Hire right team
  • Not just like yourself, not just good engineers
  • learn and teach team culture.
  • set roles use chat, webconference, webex etc to communicate.
  • approach disagreements openly
  • trust team. take risk.
Divya Kolar
Hired as part of an all male team. was I a diversity hire?
"Coexist slide"
Diversity - art of thinking together independently.

2005 joined intel hiring freeze, intel encourage diversity. Manager gave full time offer. Did I get offer as being female? NO - I hired you because you bring skill diversity to team.
Being from research lab, always looking for funding, present, convince, persuade value of project. Had to speak to CEO - can I get the funding for the team? Our team did get funding.
Research in security. If the team is happy it reflects on the company
Diversity brings
  • Understanding - better understanding of customer, IE netbook style PC cheap. worked in india. Who knows needs in India, Indonesia?
  • Credibility - Having a clear connection with customer
  • Connectedness Book "The Software Soul" e.g. Henry -from Asian country. In company no Asians higher than Sr Engineer. He left because he could not make connection
Classmate PC idea came from understanding the market, the country, India.
Mosaic, not melting pot.

Karin Catin
Project Manager

How can you identify the "Zen" soul of software release. 1996. web exploding. people used text editors. some tools, professionals used text editors. I was working for macromedia. saw market for wsywig for web developers. Kevin Lynch "19 dreams" whitepaper of web developers. Zen/mantra. 19 dreams -> dreamweaver -> product. Engineers got excited. Active advisory council to have meetings. Hired Web developer sat with Engineering team.

E.G. "Round-trip HTML" - the HTML in did not look like the HTML out. The HTML was reformatted by the tool on the page. or "Dont touch my layout"

Dave George "I found the round-trip HTML motivating because we were solving
remember first co wide demo, when lynch showed the round-trip demo, and audience broke into spontaneous applause I felt proud"

When we introduced our project - Engineers said "HTML is like postscript no one wants to edit it by hand."

NJ /Ben had a discussion of how to do the database. should we use attribute/ value pairs or efficient

Zen --> bartending. Program manager as a bartender. We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen as much as we speak.

We need more bartender personalities at work. Cube the place you want to stop by. Find out about life.

Veep she knows, still use this technique. "Hows it going" "I have to run, have some extra budget to spend on creative suite project, gotta run."

Had problem with no cash for tools project. There is a budget we can get.

If you are not a good listener. Here is how to do it. I did it wrong and learned.
Bob comes in to ask question. I answer.
Bob says "please take hands off keyboard, turn around and listen" Watch good bartenders.

Get zen statements. Assign one to each team.

Happier teams work better. A good culture unleashes great productivity.

Establish a network. make friends. What do you want. Ask direct questions to friends about the teams they are members. Networking is key.

Don't underestimate your influence speak up.

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